2007 Missouri Country Hall of Fame Winner


Brake picks up her prize from JP's Custom Handmade Boots owner, Joe Patrickus.


Christina Brake, a student at Missouri State University won a custom pair of boots from JP's Custom Handmade Boots as part of the Missouri County Music Hall of Fame Fundraiser. Her winning raffle ticket was chosen from the hundreds sold at the banquet to celebrate the 2007 Inductees into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Joe Patrickus, owner of JP's Custom Handmade Boots as sponsored the prize for two years now, and was almost as excited as Brake when she came to pick up her prize.

"It's always exciting to introduce new people to handmade boots," Patrickus said. "Christina was thrilled with her boots, and can't wait to show them off at school."

"It's the most expensive pair of footwear I have ever had," Brake said.


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